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Medical gases

Leading the way in the development and use of gases in medicine, our aim is to enable healthcare professionals to provide better and safer patient care.

Linde Healthcare is committed to quality care and patient safety, supported by pharmaceutical and medical device regulations and standards, from the selection of raw materials through production to the administration of the gases.

Linde Healthcare has pioneered medical gas products for many years. We are committed to working with healthcare providers and regulatory authorities to promote the best practice use of our products. We stay aligned with clinical progress and continue to design and redesign solutions that meet the unique needs of healthcare professionals and patients. We’ll support you in every aspect of the delivery and use of medical gases, including logistics, safety systems, technical solutions, and service as well as training.

    - We follow the pharmaceutical guidelines set by the International Conference on Harmonisation (ICH) when documenting the safety and efficacy of our medicinal gases.

    - Our documentation for traditional medicinal gases such as oxygen and nitrous oxide follow regulatory guidelines issued by the respective drug authorities.

    - Our quality, pre-clinical and clinical documentation of gas-enabled therapies follows the same guidelines as for any new pharmaceutical compound.

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